Your rights

You have the right to occupy your home as long as you keep to the conditions laid out in your Tenancy Agreement.  If you break these conditions Horizon can, as a last resort, take legal action against you and ultimately can ask the Sheriff Court to grant an order for your eviction and you could lose your home.

  • Members of your household may have the right to take on your tenancy. This is called succession or assignation
  • You have the right under Data Protection to obtain copies of any of our policies or any information we hold on you
  • You have the ‘ Right to Repair
  • You may have the right to sublet or exchange your property
  • You have the right to be involved in Horizon’s decision-making processes

Your responsibilities

As a tenant you are expected to:

  • Treat staff and neighbours with respect.
  • Occupy your property as your only, or principal, home
  • Make sure anyone living with or visiting you respects the terms of your Tenancy Agreement
  • Allow access to your property for any repairs, checks or planned maintenance work
  • Request permission for any alterations you want to make to the property, this includes the installation of image capturing devices (CCTV)
  • Keep your home and gardens and/or common areas, drying greens or back courts tidy
  • Request permission for and control any pets by preventing them from fouling common areas
  • Put waste in the bins provided, return bins to the proper place after they have been emptied and keep communal bin areas tidy
  • Not use communal areas or stairs to store bikes, pushchairs, furniture or dump rubbish
  • Avoid disturbing neighbours with loud and persistent noise, particularly late at night and early in the morning
  • Avoid smoking before and during any visits by Link staff and ventilate your home where possible

Horizon’s responsibilities

We aim to provide you with a high quality home, which has been built (and will be looked after) to the highest standard.

This includes ensuring your home is in good decor, clean, secure and that the gas, electricity and heating is good working order. We will issue you with a copy of the standards our properties should meet when you sign up for a new property.

We will inform and consult with you on the rent increase and on any changes to the service you receive.

We monitor and report how we perform on the outcomes set in the Scottish Social Housing Charter, and consult with tenants to make sure this happens.

Remember to...

Pay your rent on time

Report repairs promptly

Keep your property in good order

Be a good neighbour

Not get involved in criminal activity

Help with decision making

Get involved

Stay Connected