Our stories

In this section, you'll find videos of our tenants sharing their stories and telling us about the impact accessible housing and inclusive living has had on their lives.

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Meet Betty

Betty has lived in an accessible house for more than 20 years.

'I couldn't believe it. It was like winning the lottery. The weight just fell off your shoulders.' 

Watch the video to hear her story.

Meet Billy

Billy moved into his adapted flat 12 years ago.

'It was a big, big difference. It gives me my independence.' 

Watch the video to hear his story.

Meet Jennifer

Jennifer and Shaun live in Glasgow with their children Ainslie and Levi. Levi is severely disabled and has complex health needs.

'It was either we find an adapted house or Levi was getting taken into care. Now Levi is absolutely thriving. Getting an adapted house has just made so, so much difference.' 

Watch the video to hear their story.

Meet Jodie

Jodie lives with her sons Fraser and Robbie. Fraser has a muscle wasting disease.

'If I didn't live here, I couldn't even imagine what position that would leave me in.' 

Watch the video to hear her story.

Meet Rae

Rae is a carer for her young adult daughter Jillian. They live in an accessible ground floor flat.

'This house is just absolutely fabulous for us. It made a big positive difference to our lives. It makes my life as a full-time carer much easier and Jillian's life more comfortable.' 

Watch the video to hear their story.

Meet Susan

Susan had a seizure six years ago which left her partially paralysed. Her only option was a care home until she secured an adapted Horizon home.

'Having it like this, I'm confident, I'm happy to have friends come and visit me and sit, and I can make tea and coffee. It's having the confidence to entertain. ' 

Watch the video to hear her story.

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