Report a repair

You can report a repair in a number of ways. Remember the more information you can give us about the repair the better.

What is an emergency repair?

This is when there is risk or danger to your health and safety or when a repair is needed to prevent serious damage to your property.

This includes total loss of water or electricity, total loss of heating (in cold weather), serious roof leaks, breaches of security to outside doors and windows.

Response time: Four hours

What is a routine repair?

All other repairs are routine repairs.

This includes any other day-to-day repairs such as minor joinery or plumbing repairs.

Response time: 10 working days

If you report a routine repair you will be offered an appointment Monday to Friday - either in the morning (8.00am to noon) or in the afternoon (noon to 4.00pm)

During office hours

If the repair is an emergency and there is a risk to your safety or serious damage to the property it is important you call us on 0330 303 0089  straightaway.

If the repair is routine you can:

  • Call us on  0330 303 0089
  • Report your repair online
  • Write to us at Horizon Housing Association, Leving House, Fairbairn Place, Livingston, EH54 6TN


Out-of-hours emergencies

If you have an emergency repair and need to report it when the office is closed please call:

  • 0800 783 7937

  • Text message service for hearing-impaired tenants - Hearing-impaired tenants who would like to report an emergency repair outwith office hours can text  0780 000 5709. Please make sure to include your  name,  full address,  access details,  housing association, and the  nature of your emergency  in your message. You will be charged your standard SMS fee.

Please note that if our emergency contractors are called out for a repair that is not an emergency you will have to pay for the cost of the call-out. 

Right to Repair

As a Horizon tenant you have the right to have certain small repairs carried out within a given timescale.

The repairs included in the Right to Repair scheme do not exceed a value of £350.

Some of the qualifying repairs include:

  • Unsafe power or lighting sockets or electrical fittings
  • Loss or partial loss of electrical power, gas or water supply
  • External windows, doors or locks which are not secure
  • Significant leaking or flooding from a water or heating pipe, tank or cistern
  • Unsafe rotten timber flooring or stair treads
  • Unsafe access to a path or step

When you report a repair, we will let you know if it falls into this scheme. Alternatively, you can find out more about Right to Repair on the Scottish Government website

Repairs responsibilities

The majority of repairs are our responsibility but there are some that are yours as a tenant. 

We are responsible for keeping the structure of your property in good repair as well as the outside of your home, the plumbing, electric and heating systems we provide. You, as our tenant are also responsible for a number of repairs.

You are responsible for:

  • Plugs/chains on sanitary ware, toilet seats and shower curtains
  • Light bulbs, including fluorescent lighting
  • Batteries in smoke and other detectors
  • Replacing lost or broken keys and any other cost incurred through forced entry due to lost keys
  • Damage caused through neglect or misuse of the property by you, family members or visitors
  • Pest and vermin control (we will carry out necessary repairs to prevent pest access)

Your repairs responsibilities





When supplied by Horizon



Decoration and painting (internal)


Door name plate


Doors (internal)


Electric plugs


Fire (electric and gas)


Fireplace / floor tiles


Fuse to plug


Garden huts

When supplied by Horizon

Glass to internal doors / screen


Greenhouses, Sheds, Pigeon lofts


Keys (replacement)


Kitchen fittings and worktops

Wear and tear

Light bulbs


Pulley for clothes

When supplied by Horizon

Ropes for clothes drying


Shower unit

When supplied by Horizon

Sink base unit


TV aerials / satellite dish

 When installed by Horizon

Waste plugs / chains to basin, bath or sink


Horizon's repairs responsibilities


Inventory item


Back boiler




Bannister (internal)



 When installed by tenant.

Bin store


Brickwork, blockwork etc


Carbon Monoxide detectors

When installed by tenant.



Chimney stacks, pots, cowls and sweeping



 When installed by tenant.

Clothes poles


Communal areas to flats


Damp-proof courses


Door bell

 When installed by tenant.

Door locks

When tenant has lost or broken the key

Doors to common areas


Doors/door fixings (external)


Down pipes, rain and soil


Drainage (including blockages)



When laid by tenant.

Electric heaters



Electric wiring, sockets, switches, fuse box, ELCB, fuses/MCB


Entry systems


Fascia, soffit boards etc



When supplied by tenant





Gas central heating / pipes / radiators / timber / thermostats / pumps etc

Unauthorised installations.


When supplied by tenant.

Glass (double / triple glazing)

When installed by tenant.

Glass (external)

When police incident, number forwarded to Horizon office



Handrails (external)


Hatch to loft (communal or individual)


Immersion heaters

Unauthorised installation

Lighting pendants and roses


Overview pipes


Painting (external)


Parking area (communal)


Path to main access / path to garden

When installed by tenant

Paths (public)


Plaster and plasterboard



When erected by tenant





Retaining walls


Roofs, roof tiles/slates, roof lights





Sink bowl and drainer


Skirting boards

When installed by tenant

Smoke detectors

When installed by tenant

Sockets and switches (electrical)


Stairs (common or internal) and stair lighting




Taps, washers on taps



Unauthorised installation

Wash hand basins


Water heating


Water supply




Window frames, sills and fittings


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