We are a social landlord providing affordable housing and services across central Scotland

We believe everyone is equal and has something to contribute. We are committed to supporting diverse communities, which include disabled people.

Our vision

Inclusive communities where everyone has a home that meets their needs.

Our values

What we do, and how we do it, is driven by our values.

  • We are all different, equal and valuable.
  • Access to housing and services in the community of your choice should not be determined by impairment.
  • Disabled people have a right to participate fully in society – to be in the mainstream.
  • Disabled people should have the right to housing, services and facilities to enable independent living.

We also believe that people are disabled by the barriers they face in and around their environment, and by attitudes and assumptions, rather than by their impairments.

This is often called the  social model of disability.

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