Be a good neighbour

We believe that our tenants have the right to live in a safe and secure environment but they also have the responsibility to behave in a considerate way toward their neighbours. 

When you start your tenancy you will be asked to sign a Good Neighbour Agreement, in which you agree to treat your neighbours and the communities in which you live with respect.

What is anti-social behaviour?

Anti-social or nuisance behaviour can mean different things to different people. It can range from playing loud music to vandalism to violence.  We will take all reports seriously. 

We define anti-social and nuisance behaviour into two categories: 

Less serious

Less serious can include inconsiderate parking, rubbish not disposed of correctly, household noise etc.


Serious issues include criminal activity, drug dealing, violence or threats of violence, verbal abuse, vandalism or graffiti.

What should you do if you have problems your neighbour?

We want our tenants to feel safe and secure in their home and so we are committed to tackling anti-social and nuisance behaviour promptly, firmly and fairly. 

Unfortunately, we know that sometimes other people’s behaviour can cause problems and we want to help stop it whenever we can. 

Speak to your neighbour

If you have been disturbed or upset by a neighbour and it is ‘one off’ or minor issue, it’s worth speaking to your neighbour about the problem in the first instance if you feel comfortable. It’s often likely that your neighbour may not have realised that their behaviour is affecting you.  However, if it is a serious issue or a criminal matter you must call the police.

Report the problem

If there is no improvement after speaking to your neighbour, or if you feel that you cannot approach your neighbour, please call us on 0330 303 0089 to let us know that you are experiencing problems.

If you think there is any criminal activity, for example drug dealing, you should contact Police Scotland on 101 BEFORE you contact us.  We need an incident number to request information from the police so it’s important that you report all serious incidents to them. 

When you report a serious issue to us, your Housing Officer will contact you within one working day – and within three working days for a less serious issue. 

Your Housing Officer will then aim to investigate your complaint and take appropriate action within 28 days.  Each case is different and the action taken will vary depending on the type of behaviour reported but we will keep you informed of progress.  Where it is necessary we will involve other agencies such as Police Scotland, social work or the council’s anti social behaviour team.

All complaints made to Horizon are treated in complete confidence and your views will be taken into account in reaching decisions on courses of action. 

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