End your tenancy

If are moving and need to end your tenancy you must let us know in writing.

You must give us a minimum of 28 days' notice in writing of your wish to end your tenancy.

What you need to do

You need to tell us by letter or by completing our end of tenancy form. If you are a joint tenant both tenants must complete the form.

Your notice period begins from the date we receive your written notice and you will still have to pay your rent until the termination (end) date even if you move out before then.

What happens next?

Once we receive your written notice, we will write to you confirming the date your tenancy will end.

We will then make arrangements for a housing officer and property services officer to carry out an inspection of your property to make sure it is suitable to rent to another tenant.  

During this inspection we will:

  • Agree the condition that you must leave the property in
  • Identify any repairs you are responsible for
  • Let you know what rent you must pay and make arrangements to pay any arrears or debt you may have
  • Discuss any concerns you have

Before you leave

 There are a few things you need to do before your tenancy ends:

  • Make sure the rent is paid up to the date the tenancy ends
  • Ensure the property is cleared of  all  belongings, is clean/tidy, in a good decorative order and if you have a garden it is clear and not overgrown
  • Return all sets of keys to the property to Horizon no later than the tenancy end date, if you hold keys for any longer you will be charged rent until they are returned
  • Tell the council tax and housing benefit team at your local council you are moving
  • Take final meter readings and provide them to your supplier, if you have prepayment meters leave the card/token for these
  • Ensure all outstanding repairs identified during your termination visit have been carried out
  • Leave the property secure with all doors locked
  • Ensure all who need to know have your new address

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