Repairs responsibilities

The majority of repairs are our responsibility but there are some that are yours as a tenant. 

We are responsible for keeping the structure of your property in good repair as well as the outside of your home, the plumbing, electric and heating systems we provide. You, as our tenant are also responsible for a number of repairs.

You are responsible for:

  • Plugs/chains on sanitary ware, toilet seats and shower curtains
  • Light bulbs, including fluorescent lighting
  • Batteries in smoke and other detectors
  • Replacing lost or broken keys and any other cost incurred through forced entry due to lost keys
  • Damage caused through neglect or misuse of the property by you, family members or visitors
  • Pest and vermin control (we will carry out necessary repairs to prevent pest access)

Who is responsible for what?

Tenant responsibilities
Horizon responsibilities