We want you to live as independently and safely in your home as possible. 

We can help provide adaptations to your home if you are having difficulty in managing personal or domestic tasks in or around your home. We can also provide equipment or an adaptation to a property to assist an older or disabled person.

Types of adaptations

There are two types:

Minor adaptation
Major adaptations

How to request an adaptation

If you need a small adjustment to your home, please contact us to discuss your needs. We will arrange for the adaptation to be carried out as soon as possible or will ask you to contact your local authority's Occupational Therapy team.

If you require major adjustments to your home you should contact your local authority's Social Work or Occupational Therapy department; they will assess your needs. If you require an adaptation we will make sure you get the adaptation you need. 

Who pays for the work?

We are able to access a certain amount of grant funding from the Scottish Government each year to help carry out adaptations that have been recommended by a suitably qualified professional, such as an Occupational Therapist. If we have reached our funding limit then we will discuss other options to help you get the work done.

There are no charges for minor adaptations. However, some major adaptations need to be regularly serviced and maintained after installation. In these cases a service charge is added to your rent.

Find out more

For information or advice about adaptations, please contact us.