Welfare and support

We will help you access grants and funds but if we can’t help, we will sign post you to other organisations who can.

We can access charities, grants and food banks where appropriate to ensure that you have furniture, white goods, clothing and food.

We can also help you to set up utility accounts and home insurance, arrange council tax payments, write change of address letters, register with a GP, set up a TV licence and deal with any letters you may receive which you are concerned about.

Help from other organisations

If we can’t help you ourselves, we will always do our very best to refer you to someone who can provide more specialist involvement, and will continue to support you while this takes place.

If you need to access external support services such as Occupational Therapy or Social Work, we can help you to make contact and provide support while you are working with them.

We can also refer you to your local money advice services, if you have more complex issues such as multiple debts or wage arrestment, or need more involved digital or welfare rights support.