Covid-19 service information

Tenant and staff safety is our priority and we're following Scottish Government and NHS Scotland advice.

We’re working safely for our customers

Scotland has moved out of the levels system. Everyone should continue to act carefully and remain cautious, and we are reviewing our working practices to ensure safety of our customers and staff.

We will communicate any changes to our services with you and signpost these on this page.

Communal areas

A number of our properties have shared/communal areas. Scottish Government good practice guidance applies to use of these areas. Please speak to a member of staff on site if you would like to find out more.

Repairs service update – 31 August 2021

Due to challenges not within our control, there are a number repairs appointments being cancelled and re-scheduled at short notice. 

This is due to an increase in Link Property operatives and sub-contractors being advised to self-isolate through Track & Trace (Test & Protect) until they have a negative PCR Covid-19 test. There is also a general shortage of materials like timber, plasterboard and general building supplies.

If we have to cancel your repair at short notice, we will attempt to contact you on the number we hold for you to arrange a new appointment, therefore, it is important you update us of any changes to your contact number. 

You can update your contact details by calling 0330 303 0089 or on the MyHorizon tenant app.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Reporting repairs

You can report a repair on our website, through the tenant app or by calling 0330 303 0089 (option 2).

When reporting any repair

If you have previously reported a repair or if you are reporting a repair for the first time, you will be asked by the repairs administrators to confirm:

  • No one in your home is isolating due to Covid-19 symptoms, is shielding or is in any of the vulnerable categories. Your response this will determine if/when your repair can take place and the staff will explain this to you during the call.
  • You agree to have operatives working in your home. If you don’t want this, we will ask you to call back when you are happy for the repair to take place.

What you need to do

When our operatives are working in your home, everyone in the household must:

  • Stay in another room from the operative for the duration of the visit.
  • Where this is not possible, for example where you and the operative need to discuss the purpose of the visit, this must be done from a minimum of 2m distance and for as short a time as possible.

What we will do

While our operatives are in your property, they will:

  • Practice good hand hygiene and wear appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) if required.
  • Always maintain appropriate social distance.
  • Clean down all areas where they have been working.


FAQs for finances during the Covid-19 outbreak

Please note: This guidance is primarily for Horizon tenants and only Horizon tenants can access our internal advice services.

1. I am employed but have been contacted by the Test & Protect Service and told to self-isolate for 14 days. Am I entitled to claim any benefits?
2. I have lost my job/been laid of temporarily with no income. Can I claim anything?
3. How do I make a claim to Universal Credit (UC)?
4. When will I receive my first Universal Credit payment?
5. I have no money to keep me going until I get a payment from Universal Credit. What do I do?
6. Will I need to attend the Jobcentre if I am self- isolating for any claims I make to benefits?
7. I am self-employed and due to current situation have no work or I am having to self- isolate, what can I claim?
8. I work a zero-hour contract. If I self-isolate will I get SSP?
9. I am on partial housing benefit due to my earnings, but my income has reduced/stopped. How do I make up the difference to pay my rent?
10. I am currently on Universal Credit and my income has reduced/stopped. How will Universal Credit know?
11. I am in receipt of Personal Independence Payment or Employment and Support Allowance and I completed a review form recently. Will I be called in for a face-to-face medical assessment?
12. I feel like my situation is critical, I have no one to assist and I don’t know where to turn for help.
13. What if I am working and receiving Housing Benefit, Working Tax Credit, or Child Tax Credit?
14. My employer has advised me not to come in to work but has not made me redundant.
15. My child receives free school meals, what will happen now the schools are closed?
16. I am really worried about getting into debt with my bills and who should I pay first.
17. I can't afford to pay my debt due to coronavirus as I've lost some or all my income. What can I do?
18. If I get or a freeze on any payments or an increased credit limit due to coronavirus will my credit rating be affected?
19. I have received a letter from the Scottish Government advising I am in the “shielding” group. What help can I receive?

A handy online tool for calculating benefit entitlements can be found here: