We would like your views on the proposed rent increase 2018

Rent is our main source of income and we need this income to deliver our services and maintain our homes, now and in the future.   

We understand that many of our tenants are under financial pressure and we want to keep our rents affordable.  At the same time we also want to provide you with quality services.  We also want to put enough money aside to allow us to maintain and upgrade our homes when necessary. 

At its meeting in February 2018, our Board will consider proposals to increase rents from April 2018.  Three options will be considered:

  • An increase of 2.5% which would allow us to maintain quality services at the current level
  • An increase of 2.7% which would give us another £7,095 to provide some additional or improved services.
  • An increase of 3% which would give us another £10,600 to provide additional or improved services.

The services we could invest in could be planned maintenance or additional support for tenants with things like budgeting, digital access and benefits claims.

An increase of 2.7% would mean an average weekly increase of £2.30 and a 3% increase would mean an average weekly rent increase of £2.55. If you would like to know what difference the two proposals would make to your rent please contact the office and ask to speak to your housing officer.  

How do our rents compare with others? 

Average Weekly rents 2016/17


1 bedroom

2 bedrooms  

3 bedrooms

bedrooms +

Horizon  HA





Scottish average (councils &RSLs*)





Link Housing





Blackwood HA





*RSL = registered social landlord (housing associations and co-ops)

Our rents include services such as grounds maintenance and stair cleaning. Most other landlords, including Link, charge these on top of rent.  This may make our rents appear higher than others.

What does your rent pay for? 

We have 800 homes for rent and this year our rental income for these homes is £3,547,914.  We need this rent to:

  • Repair, maintain and upgrade our homes
  • Maintain our estates
  • Provide housing management and advice services
  • Repay loans taken out to build or buy our homes

How we use each £1 of rent we receive:

Reactive repairs & improvements    15p
Planned/cyclical & major repairs  24p
Repayments on loans   9p
Providing housing management, advice and maintenance services  35p
Depreciation* 16p
Bad debts   1p

*the reduction in the value over the life of our properties

In 2017/18 we spent £1,304,159 on maintaining and upgrading our homes. 

Adaptations £154,313
Planned Maintenance £752,956
Reactive Repairs  £319,913
Cyclical Maintenance £76,977 

Provide feedback

We are really interested in your views and opinions of the proposed rent increase. 

Please complete the online survey by Friday 19 January 2018. If you enter your name and address on the survey you will be entered into a prize draw with a chance to win £100 high street vouchers. 

Remember: if you want to talk about any concerns you have about paying your rent, please speak to you.  We can help with budgeting advice, advice on benefits and if you are struggling with other debts, we can refer you to our Money Advice Service. Please just ask – we’re here to help.