Rent Increase Consultation 2023/2024

Your Rent - Your Opinions!

We want to hear your views – because they really do matter. We pass on all responses directly to Horizon’s Board of Management who use your feedback to make an informed decision on any rent increased for 2023/24.

We are consulting with you on an increase of either 5% or 6%. Click here to complete the quick online survey. 

This page gives you more information on our rent increase options for next year and what impact these will have on you and your home. But first, let me take the opportunity to outline why we need to consider raising rents by detailing below some frequently asked questions which might help explain the background.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer questions that tenants often ask about rent increases.  If your question isn’t here, please contact us!

Why are you consulting on a rent increase while the Scottish Government has imposed a rent freeze?

The Scottish Government has imposed a rent increase freeze until March 2023, and it will be confirmed next year if this will be extended past this date, however all Housing Associations have been advised to consult tenants on a rent increase for 2023/24 as they normally would.

Why are you increasing rents when all of our other costs are increasing too?

Rent is our only source of income, which is why it’s so important we have enough rent coming in to meet the cost of delivering our services. Like you, we are also having to deal with inflation and rising costs since it will cost more to deliver services to you and maintain and improve our homes. We will continue to work hard to keep costs down wherever possible, keep rent increases to a minimum, and achieving savings in the way we work. 

How do Horizon’s rents compare with other social landlords?

We’ve worked hard to keep our increases to a minimum over the last few years and have implemented rent increases that were significantly lower than the Scottish average in previous years.

Our rents include services such as grounds maintenance and stair cleaning. The majority of landlords make an extra charge for these services on top of their rents. We specialise in accessibility – we don’t pass on any service charges for maintaining specialist equipment such as stair lifts.  This means that if you need additional support to live independently you will not be asked to pay more.

Who can I speak to if I need help paying my rent and other bills?

We have a great Tenancy Sustainment team who can help and would be delighted to speak to you. Call your Housing Officer on 0330 303 0089 who can put you in touch with the team.


What are our plans for 2023/24?

As always, we remain committed to considering tenants’ views in future spending plans.  Listening to your feedback from our recent Tenant Satisfaction Survey, we plan to continue investing in…

  • Boiler replacements
  • Upgrading kitchens and bathrooms
  • Replacing internal doors
  • Updating windows and external doors
  • Replacing car ports


We are proposing 2 options for your rent from April next year

These options are based on keeping rents affordable whilst being able to deliver the things you’ve said are important to you. However, with the current cost of living crisis we are seeing substantial increases in the costs of delivering things you’ve said are a priority for you.

Option 1 – Increase rents by 5%

This is on average an increase of £4.92 per week

This option means we can continue to provide existing essential services, but with potentially a more limited planned maintenance programme.

Option 2 – Increase rents by 6%

This is on average an increase of £5.90 per week 

This option will allow us to continue to deliver the quality housing, repairs, tenancy sustainment services and a full planned maintenance programme.


If you would like to know exactly what each increase would mean for you personally, please contact your Housing Officer by calling 0330 303 0089 or emailing on


Have Your Say:

Last year 43% of our tenants responded to our survey – the more responses we get, the better we can work for you. So please take part and have the chance to win a £50 voucher!

Our survey is open until Friday 23 December 2022 and to take part you can:

2023/24 Rent Consultation QR Code

  • Complete the questionnaire mailed to all tenants and return it to us in the enclosed freepost envelope
  • Speak to us on 0330 303 0089 or at