New initiative launched to help tenants with money worries

We’re delighted to launch an initiative to support tenants in East Ayrshire, Glasgow, Inverclyde, North Lanarkshire and West Lothian who have money worries, are in debt and/or who don’t have the skills to use, or access, digital devices.

The Money and Wellbeing Project initiative will run remotely and has a dedicated debt assistant, self-help coach and money advice officer. People who use the service will be loaned a Chromebook and MiFi hub while they receive support.

Rhona Penman, advice services co-ordinator at Link, said: “We’re pleased to have received funding from the Scottish Legal Aid Board to support tenants who are having difficulties managing their household incomes.

“Early intervention is key to creating sustainable good habits when it comes to managing money and bills and our experienced team have the skills to help people move forward.”

The first point of contact is Link’s debt assistant, who offers support to set up digital devices and provide budgeting, financial and capability support.

If people using the service have complex debt issues, they will be referred to Link’s debt and money advice officer, who will support them to access formal debt solutions.

LinkLiving’s self-help coach will be on hand for six one-to-one sessions, during which time they will teach techniques to manage anxiety and improve overall wellbeing.

The project is available to Link, Horizon and Larkfield Housing Association tenants and will run until 31 March 2023.

If you know someone who would benefit from this service, ask them to speak to their housing officer or contact 0330 303 0089 or