Investing in your homes - rent choices for April 2021

We want to keep rents affordable while still delivering good quality services and improvements to your homes and neighbourhoods.

We’re living in difficult times, and we understand because of Covid-19 many of you will be concerned about your job security and family’s health and wellbeing.

Also, the economic impact of Covid-19 (and Brexit), is likely to mean rising costs of goods and services which will affect us all. We’d like to assure you we’ll take all of these into account when we set next year’s rent.

The leaflet below tells you about some options for the rents for next year and how you can share your views on these. To view in full, click on the image or here.

Once we have your feedback, we’ll share the results with our Board, which will consider these and other factors before making a final decision in February 2021 about any rent increase.