Horizon's Board agrees a below inflation rent increase

The Horizon Board has agreed that rents would increase by 2.7% from 1 April 2018.  


Every year Horizon’s Board reviews the rents with an aim of keeping them affordable and as low as possible. At the same time it makes sure that we have enough money coming in to provide our services and are able to repair and improve our homes and estates now and into the future.  

This year's rent increase is below the inflation rate of 3%.  It looks likely that this increase is lower than the majority of other housing associations and it is the second year running that Horizon's increase was lower than average (in 2017 our increase was 2% against a national average of 2.3%)

More information

We have produced a newsletter which details the information the Board took into consideration to help it make its decision. It also contains information about how we spend your rent. 

If you need any help and advice about paying your rent please contact us.