Tenant Participation Strategy

This strategy relates to how we will meet our statutory obligations with regard to consultation and participation with our tenants.


This strategy is applied using the following principles:

  • we place the people who want to use our service at the heart of our work 
  • we treat people with respect and are responsive to their views and priorities
  • we provide or secure effective information and advice
  • we give our tenants the information they need about the organisation and its plans, services and performance
  • we respond openly to requests for information, unless there are justifiable reasons for withholding it


We implement the strategy by:

  • actively publicising our activities, performance against operational targets and how we plan to improve
  • making available to tenants, service users and residents information on how to access our services, the opportunities available for them to participate in the organisation, our performance, the complaints procedure and equality and diversity strategies and action plans
  • translating any of our documents into alternative formats and into other languages on request. We aim to use "Plain English" in our communications.


We work to deliver the outcomes of the Scottish Social Housing Charter and guidance of the Scottish Housing Regulator regarding tenant involvement and scrutiny.

This strategy was approved by the Horizon Board in 2018.