Openness and Confidentiality Policy

This policy relates to how we conduct our business in an open and accountable manner.


This policy is applied using the following principles:

  • we promote a culture of openness by minimising restrictions to accessing information and making information about us and our performance readily available
  • we treat personal and sensitive information we hold appropriately, complying with our Data Protection Policy


We implement the policy by:

  • actively publicising our activities, performance against operational targets and how we plan to improve
  • making available to tenants, service users and residents information on how to access our services, the opportunities available to them to participate in the organisation, our performance, the complaints procedure and equality and diversity strategies and action plans
  • translating any of our documents into alternative formats and into other languages on request. We aim to use "Plain English" in our communications.


We regularly review the information held on staff, tenants, service users, residents, suppliers and contractors to make sure it complies with the broad principles of the Data Protection Act (1998).

This policy was approved by the Horizon Board in December 2016.