Allocations Policy

This policy relates to how we approach the allocation of our properties.


This policy seeks to ensure that all allocations result in:

• The housing needs of applicants being met and
• The best use being made of the housing stock that is available

We want to ensure that, wherever possible, we can match the needs of people who are in housing need with suitable properties that are available. In addition to considering an applicant’s housing needs, we take account of factors such as the composition of the household group (e.g. number and ages of children); the location of available properties (e.g. closeness to local facilities or family support) and property suitability (e.g. stairs, number of bedrooms, wheelchair accessibility).

We will ensure that how we allocate our properties is:

• Legally Compliant – we will meet all legal requirements (in many areas, we will do more than we are required to by following good practice advice)
• Fair – all applicants’ housing needs will be assessed in accordance with the law and our policy
• Equitable – all assessments will be objective and based on housing need
• Clear – the criteria which we use for assessing applications will be clearly explained


The principal aim of this lettings policy is to comply with housing law and good practice and ensure the allocation of satisfactory housing to those with clear and identifiable needs at rents they can afford. In formulating this policy, we have considered guidelines issued by the Scottish Housing Regulator and the Scottish Government.

• Housing (Scotland) Act 1987 (as amended)
• Scotland Act 1998
• General Data Protection Legislation (GDPR)
• Equality Act 2010
• Housing (Scotland) Act 2014

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