Gas Safety Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide a clear statement of Horizon’s policy on gas safety in domestic and commercial buildings owned and managed by Horizon.

This policy is of vital importance in ensuring the health and safety not just of people who live in Horizon properties, but also, those who live in the immediate area, work in, or visit their homes. As a landlord, Horizon has a legal responsibility to ensure the safety of its tenants in properties where there are gas installations and appliances. This policy sets out how Horizon will fulfil these legal requirements.

The implications of neglecting these responsibilities are high; fire, explosion and carbon monoxide poisoning can all occur as a result of neglect and can all have fatal consequences.


The following principles govern the operation of this policy:

  • be clear and understood by all employees.
  • be fair, equitable and non-discriminatory.
  • reflect statutory requirements and best practice.
  • be flexible and adaptable to changing needs.