Complaints and Unacceptable Actions Policy

This policy shows how we will respond to complaints and other customer feedback.


This policy is applied using the following principles:

  • we welcome, note, acknowledge and review any customer feedback about the services we provide
  • we take into account feedback received about policies and procedures at the next relevant review
  • we encourage front line employees to offer and implement immediate responses to complaints (where appropriate) and meeting the reasonable expectations of the customer


We implement the policy by:

  • applying systems and procedures for compliance with the policy
  • recording positive feedback, constructive criticism and complaints impartially
  • reviewing procedures at least every three years and implement measures to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • handling complaints in accordance with Horizon's Complaints Handling Procedure (adapted from the model issued by the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman)
  • providing training and support for staff to build confidence and skill in responding to customer feedback, resolving complaints at the earliest opportunity and investigating complaints where this is requiered. 


We acknowledge the requirements of the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman's for Housing Association complaint handling procedure. 

This policy was approved by the Horizon Board in June 2016.