Compensation Policy

This policy details how we will compensate customers who have experienced a direct loss, or suffered significant inconvenience, as a result of an action or a failure to act by Horizon or a contractor acting on our behalf.


This policy is applied using the following principles:

  • Quality - we aim for the highest levels of customer satisfaction with both the process and the end result 
  • Fairness - in determining entitlement to payments and the amounts payable
  • Sustainability - ensuring allowances are allocated to maintain the standard of our properties at first let and during cyclical or planned maintenance
  • Value for money - Applying the most cost effective outcome for both tenants and Horizon


We implement the policy by:

  • devising procedures for compliance with the policy
  • keeping staff informed of policy and procedural requirements, amendments and changes
  • where necessary, holding staff training sessions to ensure all staff are aware of their responsibilities and obligations
  • monitoring adherence to policy requirements and procedures


We will ensure we meet our statutory obligations under the terms of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001.

This policy was approved by the Horizon Board in November 2013.