Anti-social behaviour policy

This policy relates to how we will manage tenants to minimise the impact and incidence of anti-social behaviour

For the purpose of this policy, Horizon defines the following as anti-social behaviour:

  • behaviour which is likely to cause alarm, distress, nuisance or annoyance to any person or which causes damage to a person's property
  • behaviour which constitutes harassment of a person, which includes causing the person alarm or distress
  • in particular, behaviour which constitutes racial harassment, gender harassment or harassment on the grounds of a person's religious beliefs, or behaviour which results in Horizon employees or representatives being assaulted will be treated as very serious.


This policy is applied using the following principles:

  • we will encourage tenants to respect and tolerate their neighbours
  • we will prevent and take action to minimise and reduce the incidence of anti-social behaviour
  • we will deal appropriately with anti-social behaviour in a consistent, sensitive and objective manner
  • we will work in partnership with others to manage such behaviour


We employ a range of preventative measures which aim to reduce the likelihood of anti-social behaviour including:

  • consultation with housing management and maintenance staff on any new build or improvement contracts to ensure consideration of issues that may affect the management of an estate and lead to anti-social behaviour
  • ensuring that the Allocations Policy highlights that any previous anti-social behaviour could lead to an applicant not being accepted onto the housing list or having restrictions placed upon them
  • having a tenancy agreement that clearly defines what is expected of tenants and Horizon, with regards respect for their neighbours, and ensuring that the signing up procedures for new tenants reiterate the main points with regards to potential anti-social behaviour
  • having clear and concise information on anti-social behaviour in the Tenants Handbook
  • consulting with tenants on anti-social behaviour policies
  • having tenants sign up at the start of their tenancy to a Good Neighbour Agreement
  • visiting all tenants within six weeks of the start of their tenancy to identify and deal with any problems being experienced
  • advising tenants on Horizon's policies on equal opportunities and racial harassment 
  • visiting neighbourhoods on a regular basis to ensure they are clean and tidy and free from graffiti


We will work to build good contacts, relationships and formal protocols with relevant agencies to assist in dealing with anti-social behaviour such as the Police, Environmental Protection Services, social work departments and other relevant support agencies and local community groups. 

The anti social behaviour policy is a Link Group policy. It was developed after consultation with tenants from each of the subsidiaries and was approved by the Horizon Board in October 2018.