Supporting a young man to gain independence

How we helped John manage his new tenancy

When John, 18, was allocated a Horizon property he had been homeless and never had his own tenancy before. He also has dyslexia, meaning that all the form filling to set up utilities and banking was daunting. 

Referred to our Housing Support team  

John’s Housing Officer, realised that he needed some help, so he asked, with John's agreement, if our Housing Support Officer Vikki could help.

Vikki worked with John to help him complete the relevant forms to set up gas and electricity accounts and to get a television licence. She showed him how to load money from his benefits on to a Paypoint card to help him budget his money.  Vikki also helped John do meal plans to avoid wasting food and money.

John, with Vikki’s help, identified a bank account that would allow his benefits to be paid in, but would not allow him to overdraw on his money.  Because it was his first home, he also needed to furnish his property and get white goods.  Vikki supported John to apply for help to the Scottish Welfare Fund, and as a result, the Fund provided house furnishings such as a bed, curtains, cooker and more so that John’s has a proper home.

Next step...a job

John also wanted a job and was keen to enrol on a course through the job centre - Vikki was able to give John guidance with his application and interview skills.

John was successful in getting through an interview to get on the course he wanted.  He is gaining skills in double glazing and other manual labour that he hopes will lead to permanent employment.

John continues to seek support when necessary to help him with any correspondence he needs to complete to improve his living standards and confidence.