Successful house swap

How we helped two families swap homes!

Lesley (56) and her daughter Keira (30) live in a three bedroom two-storey wheelchair adapted house. Lesley works part-time but she is also a carer for Keira.  Because of the welfare reform, Lesley’s housing benefit was reduced by 14% as her property had an extra bedroom. This meant she had a shortfall in her rent, about £20 a week, which she needed to pay.

Lesley was advised that she could apply for a discretionary housing benefit – but this was only a temporary solution.

It was a frightening prospect not being able to pay her rent so Lesley decided to transfer to a smaller property. She wanted to exchange her property with someone who lived in a two-bedroom single storey house.

House swap needed...

At the same time Lesley was applying, Mr and Mrs Henry were looking to move into a bigger home. Their two bedroom bungalow was creaking at the seams as they had two children with another on the way!

Their property was a two bedroom wheelchair adapted bungalow, as one of their children had mobility problems, owned by Horizon in the same area as Lesley.

The two families met, viewed each other’s houses and decided that they would make the swap. After completing exchange request forms, and further checks by Horizon’s Housing Officer and Maintenance Officer, the exchange was approved.  Horizon even helped with some of their moving costs.

Impossible made possible

Lesley and Keira have settled into their new home and are pleased to have found good neighbours.  It took a while, as Lesley loved her old home and she was worried about how Keira would cope with the move – but the financial worry was affecting her health and in turn making Keira upset.

Mr and Mrs Henry were thrilled that it was so straightforward to find a bigger wheelchair adapted home when they thought this might be impossible.