Independence day for one wheelchair user

How we helped Vince get his 'Independence Day'

Vince Hayes is a film buff with a great memory for film and song titles and scenes. ‘Independence Day’ for Vince was when he was 37 years old and he got his own home, his own life.

Housing restricts independence

He originally lived in Paisley with his sister and five brothers and got his own Council flat when he was 18.  The only downside was that it was on the second floor and Vince is a wheelchair user.  He had to bump himself up and down the stairs on his bottom and drag the wheelchair up or down behind him just to get to and from his flat.

When Vince was 20 he collapsed in his flat and he was taken to hospital.  He spent some time there only because it had space for his wheelchair.

Housing improves independence

Now he has his own house in a Horizon integrated housing development in Renfrewshire. He is the ‘King of the Castle’.  He was able to do his house up himself - choosing colours and doing the painting.

His support staff helped Vince to think about things that would help him around the house such as a unit for his TV and DVDs so he could reach them himself and swap the carpets for laminate flooring to help him get around better. As the house is designed for someone in a wheelchair Vince is able to do more for himself such as cooking and housework.