Care and Repair

We provide free, confidential and practical advice and services as part of the Care and Repair service we offer. 

We manage a Care and Repair service in North Lanarkshire

Who is the service for?

The service is available for people over the age of 65, and to disabled people receiving higher rate Disability Living Allowance mobility component, to help them stay comfortable, safe and secure in their own homes and communities.

What does it offer?

The service offers older and disabled people the opportunity to live in their homes in comfort and security and with greater independence. It is there to help those who may not be able to do things for themselves.

It also offers a number of volunteer opportunities so that people who live in these areas can help make these services a success.

Watch our short film, created with the help of the Scottish Community Film Unit, which highlights the work of the North Lanarkshire service and to hear from some of the people the service has helped.